Caring for your product

Wishing well care

Your new wishing well has arrived. How exciting! 

You will want to take it out to inspect it (and admire it!). Try and avoid touching it directly as much as possible to keep it clean for your event. If you do however, fingerprints or other marks can be easily removed with a soft cloth and water, or some windex.

Before your event it's best to keep your wishing well stored within the plastic and/or box it arrived in so it doesn't attract dust or become scratched.

Your wishing well has strong and sturdy joins. It is still capable of breaking. Avoid storing anything heavy on top of it, or inside it. When carrying your wishing well carry it by holding the base. Don't ever carry it by gripping one side or by the lid.

Your lock and key will be attached to the top. We suggest storing it separately from your wishing well until the big day rather than attaching the lock to reduce the changes of the key scratching it.

Enjoy your personalised item and use it to store everything special from your big day!

Cake topper care

Your cake topper is a delicate item that needs to be handled with care.

When it arrives packaged, use care when removing it from the backing. You can then store it in your plastic slip on a solid flat surface somewhere safe until your event.

When you pick up your cake topper always hold it by the stem.

Cake toppers can be cleaned with a soft cloth, water or windex and stored to be used again. Acrylic can scratch so ensure your cake topper is stored in its original packaging or in a protective cover that is soft and won't scratch the surface eg cloth or plastic.

Acrylic signage care

Acrylic can be cleaned with a soft cloth, water or windex. It can scratch so ensure you store your sign carefully in it's original packaging or with a cloth/plastic covering somewhere safe.