60cm Diameter Custom Signage

Backing material
Text/design style
Designed in our studio in Sydney and laser cut in acrylic in a range of colours. You can choose to have your text etched into the acrylic backing, or we can also apply a layer of 3mm acrylic for your lettering/design.

Sign is 60cm in diameter (see event signage collection for other sizes). Pricing includes choice of one of our existing designs, or custom design of your choice. 

Perfect to use as a welcome sign for your wedding, signage for any event and for as business or shop front signage.

We can create signs in any size or style. If you'd like something custom we'd love to help you! Get in touch

3mm Standard acrylic - $295.00+gst
3mm Mirrored acrylic - $345.00+gst


+ $40+gst 3mm Standard acrylic
+ $60+gst 3mm Mirrored acrylic

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